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Monday, April 19, 2010

Georgia Straight Cover

This was an assignment from earlier on in the term. The brief asked to illustrate a cover based on once of two articles; the first being in support of the Olympics and the second being against.

At the time, (the assignment took place pre Van 2010) I was compelled to illustrate the negative side to the Olympics. It just seemed to have more interesting visuals, plus we had just finished a similar assignment illustrating Olympic events and I was getting tired of drawing athletes.

The concept was to show a Vancouverite in a medieval stalk with holes lining up with the Olympic rings. Initially I had the figure contorted in such a way that his ankles also were in the stalk, but the body looked extremely– weird.

I thought the execution was OK, but this was early in the year and I hadn't much experience in Illustrator, so I guess I'll go easy on myself.

1 comment:

  1. Faboulous concept. Agreed on the execution - curious to where you'd take it. Love the idea. Makes a great cover piece.