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Monday, April 5, 2010

My Roman Solution

I'm at school, working on the fourth of four theatre posters for the Capilano U Theatre. It's a project involving not only poster design, but also a new identity/ logo design for the company.

In the past, the theatre group has taken on a new style for each series of shows, each new series has adapted the logo to fit with the style for the shows. As a result, the company lacks a cohesive brand identity which makes it hard to establish itself both within the performing arts industry and the surrounding community.

The company's name, Exit 22, is a literal reference to the exit you must take off of the HWY to get to Purcell Way which winds up the hill to Capilano's campus. The company felt strongly about keeping the name, however, they were not fond of 'twenty-two' being written as it makes the name, well, long.

I tried this as a sollution, get rid of the 22 and add an X and an I to the name. I'm about 80% finished tinkering with the letterspaces and such, and I'm fairly happy with the look I've created, but I'm not sure how they'll react to the change. It is afterall a student theatre company, it should look professional, but not corporate. It should convey a sense of legacy, but still look fresh.

I hope to put the posters up in the next week when they're finished.

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